Myths about Planting Peonies

Peonies signify the arrival of summer; they exemplify the pleasure and excitement that summer offers. However, for others, long-held misconceptions about raising peonies have prevented them from preferring to cultivate these wonderful flowers in their backyard.

Here’s a few of them:

Peonies are hard to take care of

This is the most common myth. The truth is, if you adopt a few basic rules when growing peonies, you will have a beautiful plant blooming in your yard with the first year you cultivate your new peony.

Peonies don’t like cold

It is unclear where this myth originated, but many peony newcomers have been concerned about the recent freezing cold winters. Peonies are resilient to cold temperatures and even enjoy the cooler weather, with buds growing under the surface, eager to re-emerge as the weather warms up in the spring.

Peonies cannot be moved

Any plant is irritated when it is relocated from its comfortable location. Even then, you still can move your peony.

The ideal time to do so is in the autumn after the plant has been pruned. However, make sure not to hurt the eyes on the roots when removing and replanting.


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